How To Install Above Ground Pool Liners

How To Install Above Ground Pool Liners

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First Thing First, Ground Preparation

Step 1 Layout  the Liner in the Pool Frame

Step 2 Unfold the Liner

Step 3: Stretch The Liner

Step 4 Fill the Pool Partway


Step 5 Work out the Folds and Wrinkles

Step 6 Continue Filling the Pool Partway

Step 7 Start Attaching the liner to the Pool

Step 8 Attach with coping and  Stabilizer

Step 9 Install your Skimmer Plate

Wrong!: No Top Rails In Place. Without top rails in place, the water will pull in your pool walls

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Right!: With liner stretched over the top rail while filling the pool walls are supported and there will be no catastrophe

How to Install a Replacement Vinyl Liner 

Above Ground Pools FAQs

How Do I? – Above Ground Pool FAQs


Everyone Wants to Know…How do I ….
A complete collection of Frequently Asked Questions Above Above Ground Pools


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Ground Prep How do I prepare the ground for an above ground pool
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Can I put the pool in the ground?
Complete Above Ground Pool Care How Do I Start Up My Pool
Complete Above Ground Pool Care How Do I Prime My Pump

What is the Power Usage Of A Typical Pump and Filter?
Routine Pool Care How Do I Take Care Of My Above Ground Pool?
Calculating Pool Volume How Do I Calculate The Gallons in my Above Ground Pool?
  How Do I Winterize My Above Ground Pools
algae What is Algae?

How Do I Prevent Algae From Growing in my above ground pool?

How Do I Treat Algae Now That I Have It
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Above Ground Pool Construction Materials

Easy Set Pools And Frame Set Pools


 The Easy Set Pool is Made of a High Quality Durable Latex.

The Frameset Is Constructed From Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Frame and Rubberized Canvas Liner. Some Frame Set pools have metal alloy poles


The Portable Pool Style

5 The Portable Pools are Made with Heavy Duty Aluminum and Alloy Poles with Liners Of Materials that are Similar to The Material Used For Bullet Proof Vests. The Quick Pool and Quick Rectangle Pools are made from Kreylor. The Deep Quick Pool is Made from a Similar but more Malleable Material that is not subject to creasing .


Steel Sided Pools

  big_yorkshire Steel Sided Pools are Constructed with a Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel With Many Coatings. Liquid Vinyl is a Popularly used one to prevent Rust through (see illustrations below from one of our manufacturers) Most are also Coated with a Protective coating to Increase a Long Life time. Top Rails and Side Rails can Vary In Size From 1 Inch to 9 Inches and Can Be constructed of Either High Impact Plastic Or Corrosive Proof Metal. The Best also are self Draining. The Liners can Vary From 10 mil to 20 mil Vinyl

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Above ground pool smell after draining

Above ground pool smell after draining?

I drained my 48″ Intex above ground pool. The pool has an awful 
“sewer” smell. Can anyone recommend a cleaner that would work to remove this smell. I don’t want to store it all winter until I get this problem resolved.

A. What to do.

The ground has shifted under my above ground pool

Q. The ground has shifted under my above ground pool and

…the pool is tilted, I am afraid it might burst

A. What to do…

Pinhole Rust Spots On Above Ground Pools

Pinhole Rust Spots On Above Ground Pools

Q. After 15 years I  had little holes appear about a foot off the ground on my steel walled pool

and it is leaking all over the pool at that height. I have a sand base.

A. What Happened?

Gopher Chewed Above Ground Pools

Gopher Chewed Above Ground Pools


I have lost two liners to gophers

I live in a densely populated gopher area and the little beasties burrow under my pool and then up.  I don’t know if they chew the liner, or if the liner just stretches into their holes and pops.  What do I do?

A. What to do.

Freezing Above Ground Pools

Freezing Above Ground Pools

Q. Can I stop my above ground pool from collapsing or at least limit the damage?

I just checked my pool and the pillow has popped and the snow/ice build up was bringing some of the sides in. I released the cover to help with the pressure. The water inside is frozen. One panel wall is bent alittle and the liner is out, another panel has released itself from the top rail, it’s about two panels down from the first one. Is there anything I can do to save it from collapsing before I can get a pool guy out? Thanks.

A. What to do..