Search Engine Marketing

There are times, when you don’t have the time to allow your site to be indexed through the natural system, in cases like this you have to engage in search engine marketing.  The process of paying for each click on a favored advertised listing.

The advertised listings show up favorably on Google, Yahoo and safari as paid listings.  To maximize your return on investment, special landing pages are created for each featured product or information so that when the viewer goes to that page they see exactly what they are looking for without the need to navigate your site. SEM or Search Engine Marketing can be very expensive and you want to make sure you you maximize your return with the best land pages. This is what SJVWD provides, the best landing pages to maximize your ROI.

SJVWD will create each landing page with the highest quality graphics available. Since this page does not have to fit standard SEO practices to be listed you can do a lot more with a landing page than with your standard web page.

SEM Landing Page


Media Package – Slide


Media Package  – Video

$125.00 – $250.00 Pre-Quoted

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